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Cuff Shift
Yevgeniy Karpinos
Beautiful, Gorgeous

It’s my 3 rd purchase ( I bought 2 original shifts, one in rose gold, one in silver). For my daughter and myself like 8 months ago. We loved the design. The quality it’s just perfect ( no tarnish, no discoloration).
Now I purchased shift cuff for myself, it’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry. We both were them 24/7, Great quality, looks beautiful, works as supposed to work. Thank you so much!!

Classic Shift
Ronald Gabrielle
My Calm!!!

I love it! Has really helped me re-balance when stressed! Thank you!

Classic Shift
Andrea Cristancho
Breathe in style everywhere

in love with it!
The Classic Shift is a piece of jewelry and a gentle reminder to pause and breathe. Even my two-year-old is reminded to elongate his breath when on my arms when he sees the shift hanging from my neck!

Classic Shift
Diane R.
Shift is a 5 star

I appreciate the breath reminder. My shift has been noticed and applauded by 2 of my doctors and my dentist. I'm sending a few for Christmas gifts.

The Classic Bundle
Amanda Rader
It helps

I struggle to remind myself to breathe like how my therapist tells me. Using it really helps. Even just wearing it, and feeling it’s weight and touching it with my fingers helps calm me.

Care Kit
Kimberly Crandell
Very helpful!!

I truly am grateful for such a tool to be created to have on me everyday so I can practice anxiety soothing breathing that calms me. Thank you for such a wonderful needed tool!!! I am grateful!!

Active Shift
Jason Meland
Such an amazing tool!

The active shift has quickly become a part of my daily wardrobe. What i love about it is IT keeps my accountable to focus on my breathing throughout the day.

Not too mention calms the nervous system in less than 1 minute.

Classic Shift
sandra L wade
It’s a gift

This is a gift yet to be given so my daughter can’t write a review. However, I do have the Classic Shift which I LOVE and only remove when I shower.

Love it

Love this item. It really does help to relax me and it’s pretty too.

Classic Shift
David Aguirre
One of the best purchases ever!

This product has literally helped me significantly. I know that I have anxiety. And this literally does what it says. There has been moments where I just out of nowhere have panic or anxiety attacks. This literally shut off my fight or flight. This is definitely a tool that can be used in real time to help anyone. I highly recommend the shift. Definitely a life-changer, and a game changer!


Bought to help me quit smoking. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and a nice break in the middle of my workday. My two children, boys 8 and 10 asked for their own after trying mine.

Classic Shift
Nicole Woloschuk

Looks good, feels good to wear, certainly helps me to recenter myself and become less focused on my internal thoughts and more on the present moment. 4/5 stars because of the cost.

Classic Shift
David Massey-Brown

I’ve dealt with anxiety for years — been on and off various meds. In just a couple of weeks, this little device has worked well for me. It serves as a reminder, a covenant, a present, tangible help. It serves to keep me grounded in the practice of relaxation breathing.

Well made, attractive, and designed for just the right amount of back pressure for just the right exhale. I’d buy it again..

Classic Shift
Tamara Biederman
beautiful and helpful

lovely as a piece of jewelry but also worked to reduce my heart rate within a few breaths

Active Shift
Marian Faris
Love the Shift and Active Shift!

I am a big fan of the Shift and have several in different colors. Now I've added an Active Shift and love it just as much. I needed one that was a bit more neutral and the quality is just as good as the original. I have them to match different outfits and if I'm beginning to show signs of stress, my husband asks me where my "breathy whistle thing" is. That's his name for the shift. I think it's interesting that he can tell how much good it does when he's not even the one using it. Top quality, attractive, and effective tool - what a great combination.

A Must to Have!

It's a gift I have been giving the males in my family because they hold things in much more than females in the family. Also they "love" it!!. As for customer support Komuso is immediate and I appreciate their response. The bundle is like giving a care package.

Classic Shift
Susan Johnson

My best friend died.
My good friend gifted me with The Shift
I have been gifting them ever since.
Truly saved me from several panic attacks.
Thank you!!!

Active Shift
Rosemary Ogilvie
Active Shift

I ordered the active shift and I am also waiting for my classic shift to arrive. I love my shift, it is a tool to monitor my breathing technique that actually has a very positive effect on my meditation practice and daily awareness of my breath. Slowing your breath is extremely important on so many levels, especially when it comes to your health physical and mental and this perfect tool keeps you on the right track Highly recommended. love love love

Classic Shift
Abigail Rose Sherman
Classic shift in Rose Gold

This is a stunning little metal necklace that can shift your brainwaves and heart rate in 8 seconds!! Love it

Active Shift
Vincent Jenkins

Beautiful... Using this to unload stress I have and it does the job and with me all the time when I need it to let the Stress out. Thank You


The new shift was beautiful. Have the older shifts and wanted to try this one. I love my shifts and they really help me with my breathing and my anxiety!

Life changing and inspirational

My komuso shift is the most awesome invention in the world to me my partner bought it for me for a birthday present this year help me so much in my daily life with my breathing practises and my meditation practises I have generalised anxiety and major depressive disorder and just helped me immensely to remain present and in the moment even though I am a very positive person it has just helped me that little bit extra with everything I do in my life and I have even bought it for my partner to help him as well I bought it for him for our 2 year anniversary which is coming up very soon I really really appreciate having this tool as a breathing practise and just a tool for my everyday life thank you to the makers that made this beautiful creation it is worth every penny and worth the wait I wish I had the courage to buy it's sooner I first found out about it through Facebook it is just the best thing in the world to me,

Care Kit
Tiffany Littler
Remarkable cleaner

I would say this is the best cleaner for this product it is so good the results are impressive and I am very happy with it

Classic Shift
Kaitlin Marrs

As a drug addict in recovery, I initially struggled with the triggering nature of wearing a gold straw around my neck, but quickly got over the irony and began to use it throughout my day intuitively when I began to feel stressed. Fantastic product!

Classic Shift
Ashley Miller
Simple, sleek, powerful

Needed to quit vaping, after 5 years I finally decided to stop. Stopped cold Turkey and had a hard time with those moments I would naturally vape. I bought the Komodo classic shift and got it express in 2days and wow am I glad I did. It not only helped me get my cravings under control but helped me focus my intention and breath instead of mindlessly vaping. My son has anxiety and became interested so we got him one to calm his nerves as well and it’s worked amazing. This is a revolutionary simple idea that really works. Thanks komuso Deisign

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